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I believe that the individual is the only master of its evolution.

Therefore, the learning process about the freedom of being and flowing cannot depend on another.


Inspired in nature, where seasons marks the change between states in time, the processes are broken into cycles of  7-10 sessions, to be defined accordingly to the intentions and aims of client. At the end of each cycle, we decide together the flow into the next state, be it a new cycle of learning process, encounters upon necessity or fulfillment of the goals achieved. 

This work is for those who have realized that the pain of remaining is greater than the pain of change. No illusions set that this will be a painless process, nor immediate, in order to leave self deception and deconstruct our escape systems, that exerce so much force in our reactions that we barely realize their existence. The process of holistic self awareness is only one step in the direction of transformation, for the real work is done in our daily experiences. 

Chronic pain, lack of purpose, pattern repetitions, stress, fear, sadness, anxiety are some of the main cases that can benefit from this work. This is not a substitute to any medical treatment, but an offer to look at pain and health imbalances as a calling to understand what is not working anymore in your life.  

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