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First born in Brazil of both chinese families Kao and Lee, Viviane graduated at American Chapel School. Majored in Social Communications at ESPM (2004) and Masters in BA at FGV (2009), she built an executive career in Marketing for 13 years in the greatest Fortunes 100 companies of the country.

In 2014, after going through intense chronic pain processes in the corporate world (emocional, psychological and physical) , she found in the studies of The Grinberg Method and Pantarei Approach (Germany) the reconnection to her body and a path to heal her pains. This lead to redefining the journey to work with soul and purpose. She started as a practitioner in 2015, specialising in chronic pains, fears and emotional traumas. In search of honouring her ancestry through the learnings of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she majored in holistic coaching Hsiou Shing with Dr. Jou Eel Jia and Tuiná massage at Cemetrac, of Dr. Liu Chih Ming. Ever since, she has been dedicating all her energy to offer a tool of self awareness as a form of self healing for those in search of a new way to learn about themselves, connecting mind and body. 

"I believe we are all born with the natural capacity to heal ourselves. It's a return to the genuine curiosity of learning about ourselves as a reconnection that internal wisdom who naturally searches for what brings us into balance."- VK

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